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1973 - 2018
TRAININGS - Z E I T E N in den FERIEN ab Mittwoch 01. JULI :

KARATE: Schüler ab 8 Jahre MO + MI 18.00 - 19.00
Jugend + Erwachsene MO + MI 19.00 - 20.30
KICKBOXEN: A L L E DI + DO 18.00 - 19.30
THAIBOXEN: DI + DO 19.30 - 21.00
BOXEN : A L L E MO + MI + FR 18.00 -20.00

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Mitglied des ASKÖ-Wien

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Robert Schoeberl, born 1957 in Vienna/Austria

5. Dan Karate, 2. Dan Kickboxen

State licensed trainer in Boxing Kick Boxing Karate

35 years of trainer experience
Trainer of many national, European, and world champions.

multiple Austrian Karate champion
European Juniors Karate champion in 1978
Austria full contact Kick Boxing champion
bronze medallist winner in the 1983 Kick Boxing world championship
long time member of Austrias national Karate and Kick Boxing team.

Individual lessons and group lessons for adults and children

  • lesson plan according to your personal needs
  • individual training sessions at your preferred location can be arranged
  • motivation guaranteed
  • better physical fitness and thereby better mental concentration at work and at school
  • improved agility and reactivity
  • enhanced coordination and equilibrium
  • gained self confidence benefiting confident professional and recreational demeanor.

  • My holistic approach to schooling your body will also lead to an improvement of your motor and sensory skills in other sports.
    Improve your personal safety, your health, and your overall well being through proper training of your body.

    Appointments by agreement!

    Phone: 0664 - 2815885
    01 - 290 3728
    Email: robert.schoeberl@chello.at

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